CAS forskjellsbehandlet Johaug. Her er beviset


Er det slik at Norge og Therese Johaug har blitt ekstra sterkt straffet av CAS? I en sammenligning mellom tennisstjernen Maria Sharpova og Johaug, er det store likheter i gjerning men stor eforskjeller i domsavsigelse og argumentasjon. Les selv.

Likheten består i at begge saker involverer en idrettsutøver som fikk dårlige råd av en betrodd rådgiver. I Sharapova sitt tilfelle, en agent (uten m,edisinsk kompetanse), i Johaugs sak, en lege. Begge ble dømt for å ha begått et anti-doping brudd og begge innrømmet å ha fått i seg stoffer på den forbudt liste ved en feil.

Men deretter er det en betydelig forskjellsbehandling. Sjarapova fikk en redusert dommen med hele ni måneder slik at hun ikke etter en kort periode kunne fortsette sin profesjonelle karriere med minimal virkning på trening og konkurranser. I Johaugs tilfelle ble straffen utvidet med fem måeder,  noe som førte til at hun går glipp av OL i 2018. Shapalova fikk stor sympati i sin forklaring, Johaug det motsatte.

La oss se litt på de forskjellige dommene:

CAS om Johaug:
"it is an athlete?s primary duty of care to read the packaging of products and to double-check with a medical person if the information refers to a prohibited substance"
CAS om Sharapova:
"an athlete can always read the label of the product used or make Internet searches to ascertain its ingredients, crosscheck the ingredients so identified against the Prohibited List or consult with the relevant sporting or anti-doping organizations, consult appropriate experts in antidoping matters and, eventually, not take the product. However, an athlete cannot reasonably be expected to follow all such steps in each and every circumstance."

CAS om Johaug:
"the Panel finds it striking that Ms Johaug did not perform the most important of them. She was given the packaging of the Trofodermin but did not conduct even a cursory check of the label.  It follows that a top athlete must always personally take very rigorous measures to discharge these obligations. The CAS has specifically noted that the prescription of medicine by a doctor does not relieve the Athlete from checking if the medicine contains forbidden substances or not"
CAS om Sharapova:
"even though, under the TADP, it is the Player?s personal duty to ensure that no prohibited substance enters his/her body (Article 2.1.1) and it is the responsibility of each player to be familiar with the most current edition of the Prohibited List (Article 3.1.2 in fine), nothing prevented the Player, a high-level athlete focused on demanding sporting activities all over the world, from delegating activities aimed at ensuring regulatory compliance and more specifically that no anti-doping rule violation is committed"

CAS om Johaug:
"It is not appropriate for an athlete, without any substantiation, to draw a conclusion that her doctor has carried out his responsibilities properly, and subsequently adjust her own level of diligence according to what she thought the doctor could have done."
CAS om Sharapova:
"The Panel wishes to emphasize that based on the evidence, the Player did not endeavour to mask or hide her use of Mildronate and was in fact open about it to many in her entourage and based on a doctor?s recommendation"

CAS om Johaug;
"the appropriate level of fault is No Significant Fault (?NSF?)"
CAS om Sharapova:
"the Panel concludes that the Player?s claim of NSF can be accepted"


Johaug (increased sanction from 13 to 18 months):
"Ms Johaug?s overall circumstances place her level of fault in the middle of the 16 ? 20 month range"
Sharapova (reduced sanction from 24 to 15 months):
"the Panel has determined, under the totality of the circumstances, that a sanction of fifteen (15) months is appropriate here given her degree of fault"
How should we think of this athlete?

CAS om Johaug:
"Considering Ms Johaug?s extremely high level of experience and success as an international athlete, her failure to conduct a basic check is very surprising. Throughout her ten-year career as a professional cross-country skier she has been subject to approximately 140 doping control tests. As such, she should have been very familiar with the rigorous standards expected of an athlete such as herself."
CAS om Sharapova:
"The Panel wishes to emphasize that based on the evidence, the Player did not endeavour to mask or hide her use of Mildronate and was in fact open about it to many in her entourage and based on a doctor?s recommendation, that she took the substance with the good faith belief that it was appropriate and compliant with the relevant rules and her anti-doping obligation"

Sammenligning er gjort av Roger Pielke Jr.